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Turning South Series
Christian Scholars in an Age of World Christianity

Reading a Different Story: A Christian Scholar's Journey from America to Africa

Susan VanZanten


america to africaChristianity's demographics, vitality, and influence have tipped markedly toward the global South and East. Addressing this seismic shift, noted Christian literary scholar Susan VanZanten recounts how her focus has shifted from American to African literature, leading her to advocate for a global approach to education and scholarship. Reading a Different Story recounts her journey of reorientation, reflects on the challenges of being a Christian woman scholar, and shows how the rise of global Christianity necessitates changes in academic life.

This book is the second in the Turning South series, which offers reflections by eminent Christian scholars who have turned their attention and commitments toward the global South and East. Information for the first book, Journey Toward Justice, can be found here.

In order to inspire and move the rising generation of Christian scholars in the Northern Hemisphere to engage the thought world and issues of the global South more vigorously, the series books highlight such reorientations and ask what the implications of "turning South" are for Christian thought and creativity in a variety of cultural fields.

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