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Projects: The Gospel in Culture

The Gospel in Culture: Contextualization Issues in an Asian Context

Edited byAsian Eyes

Melba Padilla Maggay

Much of the thinking and writing on contextualization of the Gospel reflects ‘western’ viewpoints. Dr Melba Maggay and twelve other contributors think through the concept of “Gospel in Culture” from various Asian perspectives. Skim the contents page on the reverse
of this sheet to see the range of topics considered.

From Back Cover Blurb:
“This book ventures to clarify from a nonwestern perspective,
issues in reading, appropriating, and transmitting the faith.” (Melba Maggay)

Dr. Maggay has assembled a fine multi-disciplinary roster of ‘insiders’ to present an Asian commentary on aspects of contextualization of the Gospel. In doing so, these writers surface some conceptual tools useful to further develop

Overall Theme
In the Bible God respects and uses local cultures. We need to do the same if we want to see countries/cultures deeply engaged by the Gospel, in matters of consciousness, worldview, and values. It isn’t sufficient to translate ‘western’ notions of what is the essential Gospel core.


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