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Call for Papers

Call for Papers

A Call for Papers for the April 2015 issue of Anabaptist Witness Anabaptist Mission and Theology of Religions Submission

Deadline: November 1, 2014

A new awareness of the diversity of global beliefs and practices has led to renewed attention to Christian theology of religions. This theology aims to articulate how Christians might understand and relate to persons and communities that do not share Christian faith. As such, theology of religions is related to conversations around religious pluralism, interfa ith dialogue, and comparative religions. In this issue of Anabaptist Witness, we invite contributions that put a theology of religions into conversation with reflection on Anabaptists and Mennonites in mission. What difference does a given theology of religions make to Anabaptists and Mennonites in mission? How might the realities of Anabaptists and Mennonites in mission shape a theology of religions? Contributions may focus on specific cultures and religions, as well as on general and theoretical issues. We also welcome historical treatments of how Anabaptists and Mennonites have, in word and deed, understood and responded to the diversity of human beliefs and practices in the past. Because we hope for this journal to be an exchange among peoples from around the world, from laity and pastors to academics and administrators, Co Editors welcome submissions from a variety of genres including sermons, photo essays, reflections, interviews, biographies, poems, and academic papers.

Guidelines and deadline: Co Editors welcome submissions on this topic through November 1, 2014. Through a peer review process, we will choose 3 — 4 shorter articles of approximately 1,500 words in length, and 5 — 6 academic papers of no more than 7,500 words (including footnotes). Please use the Chicago Manual of Style, 16 th ed., for citation standards. If you have an idea you’d like feedback on, you are welcome to submit a one page abstract by October 1, 2014. Given the scope of Anabaptist Witness, we ask that authors clearly contextualize or define their use of terms such as (and related to) Anabaptism, Mennonite, mission, church, peace, and evangelism.

Address all correspondence to Anabaptist Witness Co Editor, Jamie Pitts ( Anabaptist Witness is sponsored by Anabaptist Mennonite Biblical Seminary, Mennonite Church Canada, and Mennonite Mission Network.



Call for Submissions

The Journal of Africana Religions

This peer-reviewed journal offers critical analysis of the
religious traditions of African and African Diasporic peoples as well as religious traditions influenced by the diverse cultural heritage of Africa. An interdisciplinary journal encompassing history, anthropology, Africana studies, gender studies, ethnic studies, religious studies, and other allied disciplines-and covering the religious traditions of people of African descent throughout the world-the Journal of Africana Religions embraces a variety of humanistic and social scientific methodologies for understanding the social, political, and cultural meanings and functions of Africana religions. We invite authors to examine African traditional religions, Islam, Christianity, new religious movements, and other African and African Diasporic religious expressions and experiences.

For more information on submissions, our prestigious 33-member editorial board, and our purpose and goals, please visit our website:


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Yale University Library Catalog for World Christianity

Go to to search the catalog. Yale Divinity Library uses the phrase “World Christianity” to designate books related to missions and world Christianity, so simple keyword searches will identify the books easily.