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The International Conference on Christian Response to Persecution is a major component of Under Caesar’s Sword. It will take place at the Pontifical Urbaniana University in Rome, Italy, December 10th to 12th, 2015. 

The main objective of the conference is to introduce the results of the world’s first systematic global investigation into the responses of Christian communities to the violation of their religious freedom. The scope of Under Caesar’s Sword extends to some 100 beleaguered Christian communities in around 30 countries.

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The Basel Mission 1815-2015

Reviewing History–Tackling the Future

September 24-26, 2015, Basel Switzerland

For the bicentenary of the Basel Mission we invite you to an international Symposium in Basel, to appraise the situation: which path has been chosen by the Basel Mission and the connected missions and churches? Where does the mission stand today in Europe and worldwide? What is the way for the future? Renowned specialists from universities and churches in Switzerland, Germany, Holland, Great Britain, Ghana, South Africa, India, China, Chile and the USA will be participating. Seven Papers will outline the main topics, which will be closer elucidated in twelve panels. The symposium is an interdisciplinary platform to discuss three main points of focus:

  • Polycentric Approaches to Mission History: Missionary involvement unfolded within great regional and cultural diversity. How can its history be viewed from African, Asian and Latin American vantage points? To what extent is the missionary factor to be seen as supplanting the cultures of its host communities or as strengthening their identities?
  • Transformation of Mission: The missionary movement may be viewed and analysed as a pioneer global player which inspired social thought and forged an international network that subsists to this day and age. Which motives were crucial to distinct agents and what was their impact? How was mission perceived in various contact zones and what sort of transcultural dynamics did it set in motion? How can mission be interpreted in the light of transforming societies?
  • Potential Values of Mission History for the Future of the Church: Previously missionized communities have evolved into autonomous and lively churches with their own evangelistic outreach. Global trends of cultural-religious change result in new general conditions for mission. Which tasks does mission intend to pursue in the future? How can insights derived from mission history be put to constructive use? How can diverse vantage points be brought together in an overall picture? What does the reversal of the missionary movement towards the West imply?

For more information download the conference brochure here.


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