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IAPCHE re-opens search for new Executive Director

IAPCHE is seeking to fill the position of Executive Director. A global association of individual scholars and institutions, IAPCHE fosters the development of integral Christian higher education through networking and related academic activity. Its featured activities are faculty and leadership development workshops, conferences and publications.




dictionaryThe Journal of African Christian Biography is a publication of the Dictionary of African Christian Biography, appearing in monthly fascicles which are then assembled in a cumulative issue at the end of the year. Its purpose is to showcase, interpret, and make more readily Journalaccessible biographical and historical resources in the field of African Christianity. These resources are intended for use in the classroom and in the church to foster a deeper understanding of the history of African Christianity at a local, regional, national, and continental level. The JACB will thus provide tools to undergird the development of contextual African theologies. 

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Notre Dame funding

New Funding Opportunity: Global Religion Research Initiative

The Center for the Study of Religion and Society in the Department of Sociology at the University of Notre Dame is pleased to announce the launch of the Global Religion Research Initiative (GRRI), directed by Christian Smith and funded by the Templeton Religion Trust of Nassau, Bahamas.

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Lausanne Global Analysis

January 2016 · Volume 5 / Issue 1


The Crisis in Syria



The churches in Syria, as they are in Iraq, are facing four main challenges amid the current regional crisis.

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The Handbook of Theological Education in World Christianity

A gift from Regnum Books the full text over 800 pages, and the contributors are drawn from a wide range of geographical and ecclesial spectrum of today’s Christianity.

This is an ongoing gift from Regnum Books as we are committed to exercise ‘mission hospitality’: mission doesn’t have to be expensive!

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Introducing World Religions:

A Christian Engagement


This beautifully designed, full-color textbook offers a comprehensive introduction to the world's religions, including history, beliefs, worship practices, and contemporary expressions. Charles Farhadian, a seasoned teacher and recognized expert on world religions, provides an empathetic account that both affirms Christian uniqueness and encourages openness to various religious traditions. His nuanced, ecumenical perspective enables readers to appreciate both Christianity and the world's religions in new ways. The book highlights similarities, dissimilarities, and challenging issues for Christians and includes significant selections from sacred texts to enhance learning. Pedagogical features include sidebars, charts, key terms, an extensive glossary, over two hundred illustrations, and about a dozen maps. This book is supplemented with helpful web materials for both students and professors through Baker Academic's Textbook eSources.

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Regnum Books

Regnum Edinburgh Centenary series (24 books)

The Centenary of the World Missionary Conference, of 1910, held in Edinburgh, is a suggestive moment for many people seeking direction for Christian mission in the 21st century. Several different constituencies within world Christianity are holding significant events around 2010. Since 2005 an international group has worked collaboratively to develop an intercontinental and multi-denominational project, now known as Edinburgh 2010, and based at New College, University of Edinburgh. This initiative brings together representatives of twenty different global Christian bodies, representing all major Christian denominations and confessions and many different strands of mission and church life, to prepare for the Centenary. Read further.



New Series from Eerdmans

Majority World Theology

Inaugural volume of the exciting new Majority World Theology series

Christology in the Majority World

Green L. Green
Stephen T. Pardue
K. K. Yeo

ISBN: 978-0-8028-7082-7

A new evangelical, global engagement with the person and lordship of Jesus Christ

Though the makeup of the church worldwide has undeniably shifted south and east over the past few decades, very few theological resources have taken account of these changes. Jesus without Borders — the first volume in the emerging Majority World Theology series — begins to remedy that lack, bringing together select theologians and biblical scholars from various parts of the world to discuss the significance of Jesus in their respective contexts.

Offering an excellent glimpse of contemporary global, evangelical dialogue on the person and work of Jesus, this volume epitomizes the best Christian thinking from the Majority World in relation to Western Christian tradition and Scripture. The contributors engage throughout with historic Christian confessions — especially the Creed of Chalcedon — and unpack their continuing relevance for Christian teaching about Jesus today.

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China’s Reforming Churches:
Mission, Polity, and Ministry in the Next Christendom

Edited by Bruce P. Baugus
Paperback, 352 pages
Page Size: 6 x 9 inches
Retail Price: $20.00
ISBN 978-1-60178-317-2
E-book 978-1-60178-318-9


Publisher’s Description

China is now home to more evangelical believers than any other nation, and the church continues to grow and make inroads in every level of Chinese society. Such dramatic growth, against the backdrop of modern China, has produced profound and urgent church development needs. As faithful Chinese ministers strive to meet these needs, an increasing number are discovering the rich biblical and theological resources of the Reformed tradition and presbyterian polity.
This is a critical moment in the life of China’s reforming churches and the Presbyterian and Reformed mission to China. This book provides both a historical look at presbyterianism in China and an assessment of the current state of affairs, orienting readers to church development needs and the basic outlines of Reformed Christianity in China today. While laying out the challenges and opportunities facing the church, the authors argue that assisting this reformation in China should be a central objective of the presbyterian and Reformed mission to China in this generation.


“Rarely do you encounter a book on China’s Christians by scholars who are so distinguished and expert on the topic. Brimming with profound and carefully researched insight into the subject, China’s Reforming Churches is the finest work on Christianity in China that I have seen in years. It is also elegantly written and edited. It deserves the widest readership.”
—David Aikman, author of Jesus in Beijing: How Christianity Is Transforming China and Changing the Global Balance of Power
“I found this book of essays to be both interesting and informative. If you take seriously your Reformed theology and church polity and care about the church in China, you should read this book.”
—Daniel H. Bays, professor emeritus, Calvin College, and author of A New History of Christianity in China
“It is meaningful to remember that the Reformed and Presbyterian mission to China was initiated by American and British missionaries, but it was a Korean missionary who carried the baton as the final runner in that chapter of the China mission. As that last Korean missionary to China, I am gratified that in this book the Korean mission is given a place in the history of the Presbyterian mission in China.”
—Pang Chi-Yil, missionary to China from 1937 to 1957 and pastor emeritus, Yongdeungpo Presbyterian Church, Seoul, Korea
“What is the actual state of the church in China? Only the Lord of the church knows for sure. But one thing is certain. We are in the midst of a time when God is at work in an unprecedented way throughout China, gathering His elect to Himself, building and reforming the church there. The editor is to be commended for his vision and efforts in providing us with this book. Its various contributors together offer informative perspectives on current conditions in the Chinese church, both great encouragements and undeniable challenges. This book is an invaluable aid to anyone interested in being better informed about the church in China, not least in being better able to pray more intelligently for the great work God is doing there.”
Richard B. Gaffin Jr., professor of biblical and systematic theology emeritus, Westminster Theological Seminary, Philadelphia


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Enlarging the Kingdom: African Pentecostals in Italy

Enlarging the Kingdom explores the encounter, interactions, and conflicts between Catholicism and African Pentecostalism. The film offers a unique insight into the contemporary features of African Pentecostalism, its challenges and potentials as one of the most vibrant expression of Global Christianity and as one of the most creative and resilient religious subject in the Italian Catholic society. Watch the film here.

New Publication

Our Global Families

Todd M. Johnson and
Cindy M. Wu

ISBN: 978-0-8010-4957-6

Learn more about Our Global Families.

Yale University Library Catalog for World Christianity

Go to to search the catalog. Yale Divinity Library uses the phrase “World Christianity” to designate books related to missions and world Christianity, so simple keyword searches will identify the books easily.