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Nagel Lectures: Out of Africa

This spring, Nagel Institute staff enjoyed hosting two engaging and productive African scholars in our Prophet’s Chamber program. Please click on each link for an audio recording of each lecture. 


Edison lecture


Reverend Dr. Edison Kalengyo of Uganda Christian University gave a preview of his new book, “Celebrating the Lord’s Supper in Africa: Overcoming Current Challenges.” In the life of the Christian church, the Lord’s Supper remains the central ritual. But rules and regulations governing the Lord’s Supper have divided the Church in Africa into two groups: the eucharistically privileged few and the majority who remain largely absent from the Lord’s Table. Prof. Kalengyo’s book aims at finding ways to re-establish the Lord’s Supper to its proper role in church life in Africa.




Bernard lecture


Dr. Bernard Boyo of Daystar University in Kenya gave a talk on his emerging book, “Politics in Africa: A Theological Reflection.” He traced African Christian political engagement from its pre-colonial roots to the present, and asked why the church in Africa experiences so many difficulties in developing a clearly defined political theology and then point out what he believes are the components of strong public theology for Africa.


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