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Call for Nagel Fellowships

The Nagel Institute invites applications for research awards from faculty members of Calvin College and Calvin Theological Seminary. Two Nagel Fellowships will be awarded this academic year, for amounts ranging between $2,000 and $6,000 in support of faculty scholarship pertaining to the study of world Christianity. 

These grants exist to support scholarly work that addresses at least one of the major aims of the Nagel Institute.

  • Promote a deeper understanding of world Christianity
  • Partner with study centers to strengthen Christian intellectual movements in the global south and east, and
  • Provoke a reorientation of Christian thought in the North Atlantic region toward the concerns arising from world Christianity

Do you have any questions? Explore our FAQ section to find an answer.

Learn how to apply or apply now!

Deadline for applications: 
Meet with Director Joel Carpenter by Friday, November 6
Applications due no later than Friday, Nov. 20, 2015
, 9am

For further information, contact Donna Romanowski or Joel Carpenter



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