Tour Volunteers & Publicity

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You can help!

Calvin College has long relied on volunteers in the local communities to play important roles in the promotion and coordination of our music ensemble tours. If you are interested in helping out, please contact Jason Reiffer, Music Tours Coordinator, at (616) 526-6432.

Volunteer as a Coordinator

For most visits, we need local volunteers to help in the following areas:

  • Housing Coordinator — This volunteer is responsible for securing volunteer host familes to house music ensemble students. Student roommate list, sign-up forms and instructions sheets are provided by Calvin.
  • Meal Coordinator — This volunteer is responsible for coordinating a meal for the music ensemble, typically prior to the event. Dietary and special meal requests are coordinated with Calvin.
  • Venue Coordinator — This volunteer serves as the point of contact for the venue. Responsibilities include: providing secure dressing rooms, banquet style table for publicity, setup and technical needs (audio/video, piano, music stand, chairs, platform setup); securing volunteers to distribute programs, to open the event and to collect the freewill offering.

Help Promote the Tour

Distribute posters and fliers in your area to churches and schools near the tour venue, businesses, music stores, college music buildings/student centers, music schools, coffee shops, community centers, office break rooms, youth and adult community music ensembles, music academies, music clubs.


  • Network with Calvin alumni
  • Spread the word and forward the tour e-flier to people in your personal and professional networks


  • Hang posters in the church
  • Set out a stack of fliers in the church
  • List the event in the church bulletin and church newsletter
  • Insert fliers in the church bulletin
  • Announce the event at church music rehearsals, youth group gatherings and Sunday worship services
  • Encourage young people in the congregation to attend


  • Hand-deliver posters/fliers to key school music directors
  • Email school directors encouraging them to bring their students and share the e-flier
  • Hang posters in the school
  • Set out a stack of fliers in the school
  • List the event in the school newsletter
  • Announce the event in classrooms, music rehearsals and chapel services


  • Help Calvin College identify local media opportunities (local newspapers/publications, event listings, etc.)
  • Contact local media (if you have a personal connection that would yield a better result than a “cold call” from a Calvin College representative)

 Social Networking

  • Post the tour information on personal accounts (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
  • “Like” the Calvin Music Department Facebook page
  • Forward the tour e-flier to people in your personal and professional networks