Signature events

Each year, the Multicultural Student Development Office puts on a number of different signature events, designed to raise awareness as well as build community at Calvin. Browse the links below to learn more about each event, and be sure to look for ways to get involved!


Poetry Jam

Poetry Jam

Annual event where students showcase their poetic and musical talents. An evening of great artistic exploration including spoken word, music, and visual art. Several Calvin students and local artists participate in this event. Poetry Jam 2011: Uncensored will take place October 19, 2011 in the Cave Café/Fish House. If you are interested in participating in the Poetry Jam please contact Nicole Parker at

International treasure

International Treasure

An exploration of cultural food, dress, and popular pass times, each dorm will represent a different world region. Students are given a passport and encouraged to document their travels with a stamp received at each dorm. International Treasure 2011 will take place Nov. 4, 2011

Holiday Banquet

Holiday Banquet

Elegant evening of celebration and honor. Students enjoy a banquet style dinner and performances. This event closes the MSDO fall event series. Holiday Banquet 2011 will be taking place December 2, 2011.

Go Global

Students focus on a common element that is used globally. This event explores how the element is used within various cultures. For example the international use of rice, Christianity, and or silver.

Recognition Banquet

Event recognizes and celebrates MSDO student leadership teams, and graduating seniors. Elegant evening of music, dance, gratitude, and closer.