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This is an exciting opportunity to bring together a group of twenty-five high school teachers from across the United States for stimulating presentations on and discussions of key aspects of the Reformation that make the topic come alive for students. The institute is intended to provide participants with a solid grasp of current research on the Reformation, presented in an accessible form, adaptable for high school instruction. Hence the aim is not to provide a three-week chronological survey of Reformation history. Instead, the approach will be thematic: for instance, visiting lecturers will focus on themes that help explain the Reformation’s approach to key challenges that continue to face human societies today, such as the impact of belief systems on communal behavior, examples of religious conflict, and ways that communities with diverging views can still co-exist. Second, presenters will make the most recent insights in the field of Reformation studies accessible to participants, and show them ways in which these insights can be communicated effectively in high school settings, especially through the use of visual and aural sources, as well as first-person narratives and other textual primary sources.