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What will you do with your math? is a site dedicated to highlighting all the different ways people are using mathematics in the workplace.  Take a look, you might find a career path you would never have imagined. Or pick something really outrageous to tell your parents the next time they ask.

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What Can I do with a Math Major?

The variety of applications of mathematics is staggering. The AMS (American Mathematical Society) has put together a number of Mathematical Moments describing some of these applications. Examples include Describing the Oceans, Designing Aircraft, Creating Crystals, Deciphering DNA, Forecasting Weather, Seeing the World Through Fractals, Storing Fingerprints, Experimenting with the Heart, Securing Internet Communication, Making Movies Come Alive, Investing in Markets, Listening to Music, Routing Traffic Through the Internet, Tracking Products, Manufacturing Better Lenses, and Mapping the Brain. Visit the Mathematical Moments home page to find out more about any of these.

The wide applicability of mathematics also means that there is a wide range of career possibilies for students of mathematics and that the study of mathematics combines well with many other fields of study.