This project involves two meetings. The first will be on the campus of Calvin College on June 10-13, 2013 and will be only for grant recipients. The purposes are:

  • to build community among the scholars working on the project,
  • to establish networks for collaboration among them, and
  • to share resources.

In short, it is to enable the grantees to pool their knowledge base right at the outset so as to maximize their productivity. Grantees will be expected to present a research plan and an annotated bibliography of literature relevant to their project. They will also spend significant time reviewing and critiquing each other's research plans.

The second will be at the conclusion of the research period. Grantees will attend and fifteen other scholars who have worked in areas related to the question of randomness and divine providence and who would benefit from hearing from the grantees will also be invited along with religious journalists and seminary faculty who teach in the area of faith and science. Journalists and seminary faculty will be invited to come a half day earlier than conferees so that the conference organizers can bring them up to speed on the questions being considered so that they can maximally benefit from the conference. The purposes of this conference are:

  • outreach to scholars – to make the grantees' research results available immediately at the end of the research period to other key thinkers who can extend them in their own research and disseminate the ideas,
  • outreach to the general public – to make the ideas explored by the grantees widely available,
  • outreach to key church leaders – the seminary faculty can pass their enriched understanding on to a second generation of pastors as well as their seminary colleagues,
  • for the grantees to explore possible publishing venues with each other,
  • to develop a plan for further steps, and
  • to provide a clear end to the research period and a celebratory event.

This meeting will be held June 1-4, 2015 at Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, California.