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  1. Considering All Things
    At Calvin, we believe that all things are worth considering. Known for its wealth of texts, periodicals, government documents, and virtual subscriptions, the Hekman Library is utilized by students, faculty, and community members alike for investigating, researching, reflecting, understanding, and considering. Offering services from career searching to delving into the work of John Calvin, the Hekman Library thrives as the hub of this intellectually vibrant campus.

    Above the crackling fireplace in the library lobby is Calvin's seal "My heart I offer to you, Lord, promptly and sincerely"—a resolve that proclaims all of life devoted to God from the intellectual to the spiritual. This resolve has served Calvin well over its first 125 years-and will carry it into the next.

  2. Discerning All Things
    Because all things require deliberate consideration, the task of cultural discernment drives discussions both in and outside of the classroom. In the Fine Arts Center, this discussion is constant. The Student Activities Office and January Series invite performers, screen movies, and host lectures that challenge students to engage popular culture and respond carefully and thoughtfully. Contemporary thinkers from Ben Harper to Caedmon's Call and from Frank DeFord to Eileen Collins have graced the stage.

    Care to lend your talents to one of Calvin's many musical ensembles? How about helping the Communications Arts and Sciences (CAS) department use their new facilities? All these tasks begin here; but, of course, will bring you further into the engagement of God's world.

  3. Engaging All Things
    Calvin approaches student life intentionally. Whether living in the residence halls, the Mosaic community, a Project Neighborhood house, or abroad in an off-campus program, Calvin students make deliberate choices about living and flourishing in community. A Calvin education does not end in the classroom, it permeates all of life—and, we celebrate that.

    From Chaos Day to Commencement, students are the heart of the Calvin College community. Their involvement in student organizations, student publications, musical groups, theatre companies, and athletic teams (to mention a few) makes this campus a vibrant rich place. And the choices they make while they are students mirror the kinds of decisions they will make as members of any other community.

  4. Exploring All Things
    Varsity, club, and intramural athletics, offer Calvin students an opportunity for enriching competition and exciting spectator involvement. Calvin fans have cheered the men's basketball team to a NCAA D3 National Championship and have set attendance records for the MIAA and NCAA. Seeking excellence, scholar-athletes are the norm.

    In fact, the cross country teams have wowed the NCAA with the women's team earning back to back national championships in 1998 and 1999 and the men's team earning the national championship in 2000. Not surprisingly, Calvin athletes have been recognized as Academic All-Americans 43 times including 17 times in the last three years.

  5. Researching All Things
    Since we are called to excellence in all things, DeVries Hall, our newest science building houses superb facilities for Biology, Chemistry, and Biochemistry. Calvin students in the natural sciences and Mathematics often collaborate with their professors on research and scholarly publications. In fact, the Chemistry department has the distinction of ranking 11th in the nation for the volume of student/professor publications.

    With a broad range of programs from Computer Science to Geology, students might work with Physics professor Matt Walhout on his research in atom-trapping or work beside Engineering professor Richard DeJong on a project for Ford Motor Company. Our engineers make good use of Calvin's new Engineering Projects and Design Building.

  6. Renewing All Things
    Calvin's chapel motto; "In your light, we see light" has traveled with the college through campus transitions and years of God's faithfulness. At Calvin, worship is happening everywhere. Whether students are conducting a laboratory experiment or studying for their midterms, they are exploring the wonder of God's creation, and pursuing the mandate to love God with one's whole heart, soul, mind, and strength.

    Worship permeates the life of the Calvin community. In all things spiritual challenge is alive and well. Worship neither begins nor ends in voluntary daily chapel services or Sunday evening L.O.F.T. (Living Our Faith Together). Rather, our students take their questions, their answers, and more questions out into the world beyond this campus, seeking God's light and bringing it to the world.

  7. Considering. Discerning. Engaging. Exploring. Researching. Renewing.
    Notice that they all end with -ing? In the Reformed approach to education, the learning and serving process keeps on going. What students learn here at Calvin goes with them into everything they do, the rest of their lives. And the renewal of God's world happens all around us and through us.

    Explore Calvin further. Consider making a campus visit—or continue to browse our web site. However you choose to explore Calvin, we're pleased that you've taken our ALL THINGS tour and hope that we can serve you in the future.

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