“Godly leadership is not about attaining recognition or glory; it’s about serving others.”
John M. Perkins, Leadership Revolution 

Calvin's John M. Perkins Leadership Fellows are a small group of students who are selected to participate in a series of leadership development opportunities during their first two years of college. These opportunities prepare Perkins Fellows to address big issues like poverty, injustice, racism and materialism. Perkins Fellows strive to be servant leaders who are committed to renewal and restoration of our communities. 

This program includes specially-designed leadership courses, dinners with prominent Calvin leaders, an all-expenses-paid spring break service trip and a $2,500 renewable scholarship (most Perkins Fellows will receive additional scholarships and financial aid to attend Calvin). Two Perkins Fellows will receive full-tuition scholarships to attend Calvin.

Who qualifies

  • High school seniors planning to enter Calvin College in fall 2015.
  • Preference given to first-generation college students (students whose parents did not attend college).
  • Students who have a desire to be servant leaders in their communities.
  • Open to students considering any major. 

Application process

  1. Qualified students interested in the program must apply to Calvin by February 1, 2015. There is no separate application for this program—your Calvin application counts as your application for this opportunity. 
  2. Invitations to attend a Leadership Fellows interview weekend on March 27-28, 2015 will be sent in early February. The invitation will include a travel voucher to pay for part of your trip to Calvin. You will have the option to stay on campus. 
  3. On March 27-28, 2015, students will visit campus to learn more about the program and to interview for a chance to be selected as a Perkins Fellow. 
  4. In April 2015, 25 students will be notified of their acceptance to the program. Students not invited to participate in the program will be put on a waiting list.

Program details

Each year, 25 students are selected to form the Perkins Fellows. The program spans each student's first and second year at Calvin, and the scholarship is renewable for the second year.  

Year One 
Fall Semester/Interim Spring Semester

Enroll in a leadership course with other Perkins Fellows. 

Participate in an all-expenses-paid service-learning trip to the Spencer Perkins Center in Jackson, Miss. 
Attend a dinner with Calvin's President to discuss leadership.  Attend a regional Christian Community Development Association conference for free.
Year Two 
Fall Semester/Interim Spring Semester

Complete a leadership practicum, either on Calvin's campus or in the community. This could include residence hall leadership positions, service-learning opportunities off campus or many other options.

Enroll in an advanced leadership course. 
Attend leadership dinners with prominent campus, alumni, community leaders and other Perkins Fellows.  Attend a regional Christian Community Development Association conference.
  Enjoy a celebratory weekend retreat where you will develop and share your "plan of action" for how you plan to develop yourself as a Christian leader at Calvin, and beyond.