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Student Conduct Code Summary

Building Christian community is integral to our life at Calvin College. As students, faculty, and staff, we take seriously Jesus’ command to love God and others (Matthew 22:37-40) and long for our community to be marked by this love. We seek to help one another day by day to live lives worthy of God’s calling.

Our learning community flourishes when there is integrity and evidence of the fruits of the Holy Spirit—love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control (Galatians 5:22-23). And it is neither easy, nor automatic – it takes commitment, intentionality, and God’s grace through the Holy Spirit. To enjoy a shared life marked by integrity, justice, responsibility, and care for others, we must pursue these qualities in our own lives, and avoid those actions that work against them. Then our learning, relationships, and actions are able to reflect something of the beauty of God’s coming kingdom here and now.

The following list and examples summarize the community values cultivated by the Student Conduct Code.

As members of the Calvin community we pursue and promote:

  • Care and respect for others by refraining from:
    • endangering or harming others through physical or verbal abuse, threats, stalking, unconsented contact, physical or sexual assault, hazing, intimidation or other means.
    • using profane, obscene or demeaning language, in speaking or writing.
  • Care and respect for our bodies by refraining from:
    • using, possessing or distributing drugs (Hookahs are not allowed on campus).
    • using, possessing or distributing alcohol (Students of legal age may use alcohol in moderation, though never on campus).
  • Sexual integrity by refraining from:
    • sexual relations outside of marriage.
    • viewing pornography.
    • participating in other forms of sexual misconduct on- or off-line.
  • Honesty by refraining from:
    • academic dishonesty, cheating, plagiarism, forgery, or other types of dishonest behavior.
    • using or transferring files without authorization.
    • using another person’s password or login without authorization.
  • Respect for property by refraining from:
    • stealing or damaging other people’s or the college’s property.
    • possessing, using or duplicating keys or other access devices to any college premises without authorization.
    • entering or using college premises without authorization.
  • The safety and wellbeing of the college community by refraining from:
    • disruption or obstruction of college activities.
    • possessing any weapons or explosives on campus (This includes airsoft or BB guns, switch blade knives, explosive devices, fireworks, etc.).
  • Upholding the law by:
    • obeying federal, state and local laws and ordinances.
    • co-operating with the directions of college officials or law enforcement officers.
    • following college policies, rules, and regulations.

For other information on this matter, please consult the Student Conduct Code and the Student Handbook.