Approving Timecards

Approval deadline is 5:00pm on the Monday before a payday

How to approve timecards

  1. Login to the Calvin portal
  2. Choose the Services menu > Payroll and Time Entry
  3. Choose Approve time cards under the Supervisors heading (direct link).
  4. You cannot actually approve time cards from the main list of your available student employee time cards. Scroll to the bottom and click Submit.
  5. It will load the first time card in the list.
  6. Review the student's time entry.
  7. At the bottom, change the Supervisor Decision to Approve and click the Submit button to finalize the time card.

Note: If the student has already signed off on their time card but needs to make a correction, you must add a comment, change the Supervisor Decision to Rejected, and click the Submit button before the student will be allowed to make a correction.