January 19, 2009
Harold Dean Trulear

Harold Dean Trulear

"Beloved Community and Restorative Justice: Toward a Recovery of an Ethic of Restoration in the Churches' Response to Crime and Criminal Behavior"

Underwritten by: The Richard & Helen DeVos Foundation


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Crime and criminal justice issues face all of our congregations and communities. When the criminal justice system does its job, should Christians be satisfied that the Biblical demands of justice have been met as well? Or is there a higher standard of justice that leads to repentence, redemption and reconciliation? These questions loom large when record numbers of men and women (an estimated 650,000 in 2008) return to our communities from incarceration. This lecture examines the restorative justice tradition of the Christian church and its relevance for persons returning from incarceration, their families, churches and communities.

Dr. Trulear is an Associate Professor of Applied Theology at Howard University School of Divinity and president of Globe Community Ministries in West Philadelphia, PA. His area of expertise is in social policy and religion and urban ministry. He is a fellow at The Center for Public Justice in Washington DC.