January 4, 2006
John Hamersma
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John E. Hamersma

"Pipes and Players "
Underwritten by: A Friend of The January Series

  • Do emotions have sound?
  • How does a pipe organ work?
  • How can it sound both like a rock concert and a flute?
  • Why are some pipes the size of pencils while others are as tall as telephone poles?

John Hamersma will speak about the past and future of the organ — the "King of Instruments". This multi-sensory presentation will be dynamic and, John assures us, not just "an old man talking about pipe organs"! This multi-media presentation is a collaboration of many talents including Daniel Garcia (from Calvin's Communications, Arts & Sciences Department) who is serving as executive director of the presentation and Carl Hordyk (from Calvin's Office of Conferences & Campus Events) who is serving as the technical director.

John retired in the spring of 2004 from his position at Calvin College as Professor of Music and College Organist after 50 years of teaching in the classroom and the organ studio, accompanying worship on campus and performing. He is currently serving his 31st year as Organist/Choirmaster at Grace Episcopal Church in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

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