January 19, 2004
Rev. Eugene Rivers

Eugene Rivers
"On Christian Philosophy & Politics in an Age of Terror"
Underwritten by: Mercantile Bank of West Michigan

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The 20th century stands out as a powerful empirical argument against the daringly original fantasy Europe remarkably referred to as the Enlightenment. Ironically, this era gave birth to new visions of moral and political possibilities: total war, totalitarianism and the Holocaust. This madness presented a historic opportunity to advance an alternative vision of human rationality. We missed this opportunity. On September 11, 2001, unbelievable human tragedy gave way to an exceptional historic opportunity to bear witness to this age. Eugene Rivers, a nationally recognized inner-city pastor, will provide insight into this window of opportunity for Christian philosophers to introduce us to a new theory of politics and culture.

  • Pastor of Azusa Christian Community Church, Boston, MA
  • Director of National Ten Point Leadership Foundation
  • Christian activist in the area of community development, especially on behalf of the black poor. Working to build grassroots leadership in 40 of the worst inner-city neighborhoods in America.