January 7, 2004
George Gilder

George Gilder
"The Moral Crisis of the Telecosm"
Underwritten by: J.C. Huizenga

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The many telecom bankruptcies of the last two years are often ascribed to greed and graft. Yet many of the leaders of the industry, such as Bernie Ebbers of WorldCom, are active and devout Christians. Are they hypocrites? Or is the story of the recent crash far more complex and intriguing than the press and courts have revealed? George Gilder, chairman of Gilder Publishing, LLC, editor of the Gilder Technology Report and author of several books including the bestseller Wealth and Poverty, addresses the moral sources of the telecom crash and the new telecosmic revival now under way. In his futuristic thinking about technology, he draws together science, business history, social analysis and prediction to make sense of the titanic changes afoot in our lives.

  • Chairman of Gilder Publishing, LLC
  • Senior Fellow at Seattle’s Discovery Institute
  • Editor of the Gilder Technology Report
  • Contributing Editor for Forbes Magazine
  • Frequent contributor to The Wall Street Journal and American Spectator
  • Author of "Telecosm: How Infinite Bandwidth Will Revolutionize our World", "Wealth and Poverty", "Life After Television" among others