January 23, 2003
N.T. (Tom) Wright

N.T. (Tom) Wright
St. Paul in the Big Picture: The Apostle and the Gospel in the 1st and 21st Century

Underwritten by: Lawrence D. Sr. and Dolores Bos

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Paul was a zealous Jew whose explosive meeting with Jesus led him to believe that Israel’s God had declared Jesus to be the Messiah, and hence the true Lord of the whole world. N.T. Wright, Canon Theologian of Westminster Abbey and author of What St. Paul Really Said, determines the best way to understand Paul 20 centuries later. He will explain that Paul’s commission to be the “apostle to the Gentiles” led him to hammer out a theology that was essentially a Jewish message for the pagan world, reshaped around Jesus, energized by the Spirit, and taking shape as a deeply personal and political message. Rediscovering his complex but breathtaking vision of God, the world and the gospel is a central element in the urgent tasks facing today’s church.