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  January 4, 2002  

Jeremy Rifkin

Jeremy Rifkin
The Bio-tech Century: Harnessing the Gene and Remaking the World

Underwritten by: Blue Cross and Blue Shield of West Michigan


“The risks attendant to the Biotech Century are at least as ominous as the rewards are seductive,” writes Jeremy Rifkin in his 1998 bestseller The Biotech Century. Rifkin has been influential in shaping public policy by addressing the social, economic and ecological impact of scientific and technological changes. In his lecture, he will question whether the artificial creation of cloned animals means the end of nature and the substitution of a “bio-industrial” world. He will consider what it will mean to live in a world where babies are genetically engineered and customized in the womb. Rifkin will force each of us to put a mirror to our most deeply held values and ponder with him the ultimate question of the purpose and meaning of existence as we become engulfed in the biotech revolution.

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