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  January 17, 2002  

James Peterson

James Peterson
Should We Change Our Genes?

Underwritten by: Hospice of Michigan


While genes shape us powerfully, we can now, with the developing techniques of genetic intervention, increasingly shape our genes. But should we? James Peterson, associate professor of ethics at Wingate University in North Carolina, will consider the complexities of this controversial issue within a Christian context. He will contend that there are aspects of the physical world entrusted to us, including our genes, that could be better. As creative creatures made in Godís image, we are to carry on the God-given pattern of creation, fall, redemption. For Peterson this includes sustaining the bodies entrusted to us, restoring them when damaged and improving them when we can while remembering that the lasting import of our physical bodies will not be in what they become but in what kind of persons we become living and working through them.

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