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  January 23, 2002  

Hanan Ashrawi

Hanan Ashrawi
The Palestinian Question and New Global Realities

Underwritten by: John and Mary Loeks


The events of September 11 make it imperative that we understand the global realities that underlie what happened on that day. As commissioner of information and public policy for the Arab League and an elected member of the Palestinian Legislative Council, Hanan Ashrawi is widely recognized as a leader among those involved in the Middle East peace process. She will discuss the plight of the Palestinian people and their struggle for freedom and how this affects both the region and our world. She contends that Israelís continued occupation of the West Bank and Gaza has not only generated tremendous suffering, but has also reverberated throughout the region as a destabilizing and radicalizing factor. Beyond just these borders, however, peace with justice is a global imperative for the affirmation of a new human reality that is based on shared values and driven by collective responsibility.

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