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  January 3, 2001  


Orville Schell
A Democratic China? Will the Internet, Trade and Capitalism Transform China?
Underwritten by:
Spectrum Health


While best known as one of the country’s most dedicated observers of China, Orville Schell has done just about everything—from war correspondent to ship hand to academic administrator. He has been a regular columnist for The Boston Globe and has a long association with The New Yorker. As a journalist, Schell follows his instincts and fully engages himself in his topic, making him a thought-provoking presenter. He is the perfect guide to present-day China, a country that regularly defies customary categories and stereotypes. What will the effect of China’s entry into the global market place, increasingly unrestricted travel, the internet and global entertainment be on China’s economy and body politic? The answers to such questions will have a profound impact on China and the world.

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