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  January 22, 2001  


Tomáš Halík
The Shadow of a Dead God?
Underwritten by: Spectrum Health


Tomás Halík is head of the Department of the Philosophy of Religion at Charles University, Prague. He is the author of more than 200 publications in German, Polish, Italian and Spanish as well as Czech and has lectured in Europe, USA, India, Latin America and Japan. Dr. Halík, a convert secretly ordained to the priesthood during the Communist period, reflects on the historical and spiritual experiences of Christians at the time of Communist persecution and during the years of rebuilding democracy since 1989. As in Buddhist legend, Buddha’s shadow remained in the cave long after his death, so even after the fall of the god Communism, its shadow remains in people’s souls. Likewise, the shadow of God can be detected in the minds of the people.

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