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  January 12, 2001  

One Thousand Years of Church Music In an Hour
In memory of: Carroll Bos


The CANTUS Concert Program
Read the program notes of John E. Hamersma as you relax to the melodies of CANTUS.
Cantus, a choir of 12 male vocalists, was born in the fall of 1995 when a few college friends with a love of and passion for music decided to keep singing together after their days in their college male chorus ended.

Now Cantus is a full-time, non-profit performing organization, Cantus’ repertory ranges from early music to folk songs and spirituals. They have been received enthusiastically at arts festivals, including the Newport Music Festival, and at the American Choral Directors Association conventions.

Cantus will present "1000 Years of Church Music in One Hour." Beginning with Gregorian Chant and ending with a pop-gospel spiritual, the program includes music from the Middle Ages, Renaissance, Counter-Reformation, Baroque Era, the Enlightenment, the Romantic Period and the Modern Era.

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