January Series Calvin College

1998 Schedule

8 Richard Holbrooke
"Building on the Peace: Bosnia Two Years After The Dayton Accords"
Underwritten by Butterworth Health System
9 Friends of the Groom
A Christian Drama Group
Underwritten by Carroll and Jeanette Bos

12 Neil Postman, Ph.D.
"Questioning the Media"
Underwritten by Gainey Transportation Services, Inc.
13 David Van Baak, Ph.D.
"Can Science Survive in a Post-Modern World?"
Underwritten by Creative Dining
14 Jean Kilbourne, Ph.D.
"Killing Us Softly: The Marketing of Alcohol, Tobacco and Diet Products"
Underwritten by Hope Network
15 Ian Wilmut, Ph.D.
"Cloning and the Question of Ethics"
Underwritten by Miller, Johnson, Snell, and Cummisky
16 Prague Chamber Orchestra
J.C. Bach - Symphony No.1,op 18 In E flat Major for 2 orch; Shostakovich - Concerto No. 1 for Piano, Trumpet and Orch, Op 35 featuring Valentina Lisitsa, piano; Sergei Nakariakov, trumpet; Beethoven - Symphony No. 1, Op 21, C major
Underwritten by Holland Home

19 Elizabeth Fox-Genovese, Ph.D.
"Feminism is not the Story of My Life"
Underwritten by Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services
20 Eugene Genovese, Ph.D.
"From Marxism to Christianity"
Underwritten by John and Mary Loeks; Mark and Carol Muller
21 Ignat Solzhenitsyn, Pianist
"Variations on a Waltz of Diabelli by Ludwig van Beethoven"
Underwritten by Lawrence D., Sr. and Dolores Bos
22 Michael Eric Dyson, Ph.D.
"Race Rules: Navigating the Color Line"
Underwritten by Hospice of Michigan
23 Jonathan Spence, Ph.D.
"China Today and the Shadow of the Emperors"
Underwritten by Pioneer, Inc.

26 John Witte, Ph.D.
"From Sacrament to Contract: The Transformations of the Western Family"
Underwritten by Butterworth Health System
27 Elizabeth Drew
"Whatever It Takes: The Real Struggle for Political Power in America"
Underwritten by Varnum, Riddering, Schmidt and Howlett
28 Clifford Stoll, Ph.D.
"Silicon Snake Oil: A Skeptical View of Computing"
Underwritten by MC Sports

Prague Chamber Orchestra
Thursday January 15, 8:00pm
Tickets required. Call (616) 957-6282
Underwritten by

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