January Series Calvin College

Michael Hawley, Ph.D.

"Technology: Things That Think"

Michael Hawley is the Alex W. Dreyfoos Assistant Professor of Media Technology at the MIT Media Lab. There, he is leading a groundbreaking researach program called "Things That Think," which explores the limitless ways digital media will infuse everyday objects, including clothing, furniture, tools and toys. Dr. Hawley shares the fascinating results of his research, explaining that we are entering a pivotal era in which technology is poised to become a stape ingredient in commonplace items and turning them into things that think, such as digital shoes, electronic paper, active embroidery, smart furniture and more. As a recognized leader at the dawn of the new renaissance in technology, Dr. Hawley gives us a look at tomorrow's possibilities and speculates on how digital systems of the future will interface with human ingenuity and creativity.

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