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Hanan Ashrawi, Ph.D.

"The Challenges of Peace"

As spokesperson for the Palestinians in the Occupied Territories, Hanan Mikhail-Ashrawi became the most recognized and articulate voice in the Middle East peace process. A woman of extraordinary intellect, integrity, and moral courage, Dr. Ashrawi puts a human face, and a human heart, on the centuries-old conflict between Jews and Arabs. As the founder and head of the Palestinian Independent Commission for Citizens' Rights, her mission of peace with justice continues. Last January she was elected to the Palestinian Legislative Council and in June of 1996 was named Minister of Higher Education. Dr. Ashrawi received her doctorate in medival and comparative literature from the University of Virginia, Charlottesville. She is the author of This Side of Peace, a personal account of her life as a Christian, female leader for peace in the Middle East.

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