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CIT Policies: Student Computing SLA

Support for Connecting to Calvin's Network

Calvin Information Technology HelpDesk will help you get your computer connected to the Calvin network as long as your computer meets the minimum requirements.

  • CIT will not troubleshoot network connections on machines with illegal software installed.
  • CIT will offer best effort support for foreign language operating systems.
  • We reserve the right to suggest that you reinstall your operating system or purchase a different brand or model of NIC if we are unable to get your computer connected to the Calvin network.
  • CIT offers best effort support for mobile devices.

Virus and Spyware Removal

Calvin Information Technology HelpDesk provides a Virus and Spyware Removal service. Your computer will be checked for any viruses or spyware and clean the computer if any are found.

You may download and review CIT's personal computer repair waiver. You may print and complete this waiver ahead of time (must initial all clauses and fill in the fields inside the blue box), or fill out the waiver at the HelpDesk.

Note: CIT reserves the right to refuse service when viruses may be result of irresponsible web browsing and/or downloading pirated content such as movies, music, or software. Repeated offenses may result in escalating a case to Judicial Affairs.


The CIT HelpDesk will answer questions about features of supported software to the best of our abilities. Please see our SLA for Software. We do not sell, distribute, or install software other than antivirus.

Diagnostic Services

The HelpDesk also provides diagnostic services on your computer. If you have any other problems with your computer that are not virus or spyware related, bring your computer to the HelpDesk for a diagnosis. We will try and fix your computer as best as possible and if we cannot fix it we will offer suggestions and places you can bring your computer for repairs close to campus.

Please note that at this time, CIT does not offer services for reinstalling operating systems. We are not able to provide the necessary discs and/or licensing. If you need to reinstall your operating system, please refer to the directions from your computer's manufacturer. This is typically a straight forward process that does not require technical expertise.

If you would like CIT to attempt to recover files off of a damaged or corrupt hard drive, you must provide a functional external drive (in FAT32/MS-DOS format) with enough space on it for files to be copied.