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Policy Definitions

College-wide - Any user of Calvin information technologies.

Enfranchised - Anyone who has been given the right to use Calvin information technology resources.

Guideline - A guideline is official advice from IT. Example: Computer Purchasing Guidelines.

Internal - Pertaining to those working within the Information Services Division. This includes students and contract employees.

IT - The Calvin Information Technology Department

Policy - CIT polices are statements of the behaviors that are expected of all enfranchised users (e.g., faculty, staff, students, alumni, guests, etc.) of Calvin College information technology resources, and the consequences for failing to comply with the stated expectations.

CIT policies are intended to ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations, to promote operational efficiencies, to enhance the college's mission, or to reduce institutional risks.

Policy approval process (see flowchart) - The process by which IT policies are requested, approved, and maintained.
  • Internal policies relating directly to CIT staff, student employees or contract employees require approval by the IT Directors and the VP for Information Services.
  • College-wide IT policies require approval by the IT Directors, Information Services Committee, the Cabinet and at times the Faculty Senate.
  • Policies, both internal and college-wide, may be provisional until final approval is received.

Policy review - College-wide IT policies will be reviewed annually (or sooner if circumstances warrant) by the Policy Team.

Procedure (a.k.a. process) - A college-wide procedure is an established or preferred method of accomplishing tasks. An internal procedure (a.k.a. operation procedure) is the correct method of accomplishing tasks.

Standard- A level of quality that is required to be followed.