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Subscribe to the CIT-patchrelease listserv

Want to know when patches will be applied to your computer?

In October 2009, CIT adopted a patch management schedule designed to provide a more secure computing environment on campus (see the October 19 issue of The IT Connection). CIT provides advanced notification of planned updates at the CIT Maintenance Blog.

Some users have expressed an interest for more information from CIT about our patch releases. CIT is pleased to provide a new optional listserv for faculty and staff to notify them at the exact time when patches are released to campus workstations. This listserv is called CIT-patchrelease and is now available to faculty and staff by subscription.

Subscribers of this list will be notified via e-mail at the time when CIT releases a patche or update to campus Windows or Mac workstations. The e-mail will include the name of each patch/update as well as information about deferral and rebooting.

If you choose to subscribe to this list please follow these instructions: (Please Note: Majordomo is the software used to manage mailing lists (listserv) at Calvin.)

To send a subscribe command to Majordomo send an e-mail message to Leave the subject blank and put the command in the body of the message. SEND THE MESSAGE IN PLAIN TEXT NOT HTML please.
Commands in the "Subject:" line are NOT processed.
Commands should be sent in the body (Message) of an e-mail message

How do I unsubscribe from the list?
Send the following command to

unsubscribe cit‑patchrelease your e-mail address.
When you unsubscribe to the list you will receive an e-mail from majordomo asking to confirm your unsubscription.