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Get Messages You've Received
Listen to a Voice Message
Respond to a Message
Act on a Message
Record and Send Messages
Enhanced Delivery Options
Leave a Message

Get Messages You've Received

You can listen to:

  • Message headers, which tell you:
    • Message type(s) -- voice, fax, text, and/or binary file
    • Who sent the message
    • When the message was sent and how big it is
  • Voice messages
    • A cover page is included when you print. It lists the size of each component of a message, including the size of attached files. You can view an attached file only by using Message Manager.

Listen to a Voice Message

  1. Press 2 from the Main Menu.
  2. Listen to the header of the first message. (If the system or your mailbox is not activated to receive messages of all media, the header may say that a message is "incomplete." In this case, contact the sender to find out what you failed to receive.)
  3. Press any of the following:
    • 0 to listen to the voice or text message. Press 0 again to rewind and listen from the start.
    • 2 to rewind to the start of the message.
    • * 2 to return to the previous message.
    • 3 to play back the header after pressing 2.
    • * 1 to print the fax or text message.
    • 6 to skip forward
    • 5 to skip backward
    • * 6 to skip to next message component
    • * 5 to skip to previous message component

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Respond to a Message

  1. Press 1, and one of the following:
    • 0 to call the sender. In this case, you exit your mailbox.
    • 1 to reply to the sender by voice mail.
    • 2 to forward with comment at the beginning.
    • 3 to forward with comment at the end.
    • 4 to record and address a new message.
  2. If you press any key other than 0, continue with Steps a, b, and c.
    • a. Record and address your message.
    • b. Press # to approve.
    • c. Press # to send; or enter a delivery option, then press #. See Enhanced Delivery Options.

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Act on a Message

Press one of the following:

  • * D(3) to delete the message.
  • * * U(8) to undelete the message.
  • # to save and skip to the next message.
  • * * H(4) to hold the message in the current category and skip to the next message.
  • * # to skip to the next message category.

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Record and Send Messages

  1. Press 1 from the Main Menu.
  2. Record your voice message at the tone.
  3. To edit, press one of the following:
    • 1 to pause. Press 1 again to continue recording.
    • 2 3 to play back.
    • * D(3) to delete (and begin again).
  4. Press # to approve the message.
  5. To address, select one or more of the following:
    • Enter the user's extension and press #.
    • Press * 2. Spell out the user's name on the telephone keypad and press #. You can switch back and forth between addressing by extension and addressing by name by pressing * 2.
    • Enter an enhanced list extension and press #. An enhanced list is a large list of users that your administrator makes. The system automatically forwards the message you send to each user in the enhanced list.
  6. To send to a mailing list:
    1. Press * L(5) to access a list.
    2. Enter the list owner's extension and press #. If you're the owner, press #.
    3. Enter the list ID (name) and press #.
  7. Press # to approve the address.
  8. Enter any enhanced delivery options.
  9. Press # to send.

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Enhanced Delivery Options

When you have created/addressed a message and are ready to send, several delivery options are available. Select any of the following:

  • 0 to review delivery options
  • 1 to make your message private. (Press 1 again to undo.)
    The person receiving a private message can't forward it. The system cannot deliver a private message to an e-mail user.
  • 2 to make your message priority (if available). (Press 2 again to undo.)
    The system places a priority message in a mailbox ahead of all other messages, regardless of when the other messages were received.
  • 3 to schedule delivery. (Press 3 again to undo.)
    To schedule delivery:
    • a. Enter the delivery time (405 = 4:05).
    • b. Enter 2 for AM or 7 for PM and press #.
    • c. Enter month and day of delivery (502 = May 2nd) and press #.
    • d. Press # to approve or * 3 to start over.
  • 4 to file a copy. (Press 4 again to undo.)

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Leave a Message

If you call a user who doesn't answer, your call goes to the user's mailbox. At this point, you have several options for making full and efficient use of the system. When you hear the user's mailbox greeting, do any of the following:

  1. Press 1 to skip through the greeting.
  2. Record your voice message at the tone.
  3. To edit, press one of the following:
    • 1 to pause. Press 1 again to continue recording.
    • 2 3 to play back.
    • * D(3) to delete and begin again.
  4. Press # to approve the message and enter other options. See Enhanced Delivery Options.

Before or after leaving a message, you can transfer to another extension:

a. Press * T(8).
b. Enter the extension.
c. Press #.

If you record a message and either hang up or go to another option, the system automatically delivers your message to the person you are calling. To prevent delivery of your message, you must delete it with * D(3).

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