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Features of your Audix mailbox

Call your Mailbox
Get around in Your Mailbox
Basic Commands
Check and Reuse Outgoing or Filed Messages
Creating Mailing Lists
Deleting Addresses from a List

Call Your Mailbox
Your mailbox stores incoming and outgoing voice, fax, text messages, or multimedia messages and headers. Your mailbox stores messages by their status.

To call the first time, pick up your phone and enter:

  1. Your system-access number. x6-6700 or 526-6700
  2. Your extension, followed by #.
  3. Your password, followed by #.

Change your default password to a new password as soon as possible.

Get Around in Your Mailbox
When you call your mailbox and log in, you reach the Main Menu (also called the Activity Menu).

Main Menu Options

1 - Record and send messages: Create, address, and select delivery options for mail messages.

2 - Get messages: Listen to, respond to, print, and delete messages.

3 - Create greetings: Create, change, and activate personal greetings.

4 - Outgoing and filed messages: Determine the status of and listen to messages you previously created.

5 - Personal options: Set up mailing lists, personal directory, recorded name, addressing sequence, and password.

6 - Outcalling: Select if, when, and where the system calls you when new messages are delivered to your mailbox.

7 - Autoscan: Scan messages by pushing just two buttons.


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Basic Commands

Many of the commands use the number that coordinates with the first letter of the action. We have listed the letter first in order to make it easier to remember these commands.

* H(4) Help
* R(7) Return to Main Menu
* W(9) Wait
* * N(6) Look up number/name
* * X(9) Exit system
* 0 Transfer call to operator
* D(3) Delete
* * U(8) Undelete
* * H(4) Hold message in category
* T(8) Transfer out
* * R(7) Re-log in

Use while listening to messages

9 Increase speed
8 Decrease speed
4 Increase volume
7 Decrease volume
6 Skip forward
5 Skip backward
* 6 Skip to next message component
* 5 Skip to previous message component

Use while addressing

* A(2) Alternate between name and number addressing
* L(5) Use mailing list for addressing

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Check and Reuse Outgoing or Filed Messages

After you've sent a message, it progresses through a series of status categories. These categories are:

  • Undelivered: Not yet sent because it's scheduled for future delivery. You can listen to, re-address, and re-record the message prior to delivery.
  • Delivered: Delivered but not yet listened to.
  • Accessed: Delivered and listened to.
  • Undeliverable: Can't be delivered, usually because the recipient's mailbox is full. You can listen to, re-address, and re-record the message.
  • Filed: Copies and saves the outgoing message to re-send and/or modify.

You can check the status of outgoing messages. You can also select, modify, and resend them.

Checking the Status of Messages You've Sent

    1. Press 4 from the Main Menu.
    2. Listen to the first category and message header.
    3. Press any or none of the following:
      • * D(3) to delete and skip to the next message.
      • 2 2 to return to previous messages.
      • # to save and skip to the next message.
      • * # to skip to the next message category.
    4. Listen to the message.
    5. Modify/resend modified messages.

Play back the message header.

For delivered or accessed messages, you can listen to the headers only. After you review an accessed message header, the system deletes the header automatically.

Changing and Resending a Message

  1. Press 1, then one of the following:
    • To resend the message, press #.
    • To change the message, press 1 and continue below.
  2. Speak the message at the tone.
  3. To edit, press one of the following:
    • 1 to continue recording.
    • 2 3 to play back.
    • * D(3) to delete (and begin again).
    • Press # to approve.
  4. Resending a Message
    • For filed and undeliverable messages:
      a. Enter address(es) or list via * L(5).
      b. Press # # to approve and send immediately, or enter delivery options and press #.

For undelivered messages

  1. Enter additional addresses and press #.
  2. Press * 1 to review and edit original addresses.
  3. Change delivery times or options.

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Create Mailing Lists

A mailing list is a list of users to whom you might send a message simultaneously. A mailing list can save you a lot of time if you periodically send messages to the same group or groups of people.

  1. Press 5 1 1 from the Main Menu.
  2. Enter the list ID (up to six letters or digits) and press #.
  3. Press one of the following:
    • 1 to make the list private.
    • 2 to make the list public.
  4. Enter an address and press #.
  5. Repeat Step 4 until the list is complete.
  6. Press # to approve.
Deleting Addresses from a List

There are two ways to delete addresses:

  1. Review the list until you find an address, then press * D(3).
  2. At step 4 (when creating a list), enter the address again and press * D(3). Though it appears that you have added a recipient twice, by deleting that number immediately after you add it, it will be deleted.

Scanning List Summaries

  1. Press 5 1 2 from the Main Menu.
  2. Listen to the list summary.
  3. Press any of the following:
    • # to skip to next list.
    • * D(3) to delete the entire list.
    • 0 to review/modify list members. See below for more instructions.

Reviewing and Modifying a List

  1. Press 5 1 3 from the Main Menu.
  2. Enter the list owner's extension and press #. (If you own the list, only press #.)
  3. Enter the list ID and press #.
  4. Listen to the first name, then press any of the following:
    • # to skip to the next name.
    • * D(3) to delete the name.
    • 2 to repeat the name.
    • 2 2 to return to the previous name.
    • * 1 to review from the beginning.
    • 1 to add entries or change public/private status, then do the following:
      • a. Press Y(9) or N(6) to change the status.
      • b. Enter the address
      • c. Listen to the name.
      • d. Repeat steps b and c for each addition.
    • * # to stop reviewing/modifying specified entries.
  5. Press # when finished reviewing.

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