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Web filtering general information

Wired and wireless Internet are a service of Calvin Information Technology in collaboration with the Student Life Division.

Internet access at Calvin College has two main purposes. The first purpose is to support the academic mission of the college by providing convenient access to online academic resources. The second purpose is to provide convenient access to electronic communication and interaction with other students, faculty, friends and family members. These purposes intersect with the college's goal of encouraging a safe community environment that fosters respect for all individuals and encourages compliance with relevant state and federal laws.

Your Calvin Internet connection allows you to access almost all information available on the Internet. To encourage accountability when accessing off campus Web sites, students will need to identify themselves electronically before browsing the Web. There are also certain Web sites you will not access from these connections. Web sites dealing with hate speech and discrimination, murder/suicide, illegal activities, and pornography, for example, do not generally fit the purposes of our wired and wireless Internet services. However, in the event that a course requirement would necessitate access to those areas, your professor will inform your class on how access will be provided. In addition, the Hekman Library computers have no access limitations.

We are always looking for ways to improve CIT's service to you. If you have any questions or comments please contact us at

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Responsible use of the Internet

Calvin's Information Technology Center provides ongoing instruction in technology while working to promote the appropriate use of these gifts. Embracing and using such new technology comes with a healthy caution to be certain that our use is responsible and Christ-centered. To that end, Calvin offers filtered access to the Internet in the residence halls, but also allows non-filtered access at all stations in the library and in supervised public labs for specific purposes.

The ResNet service for students is designed to support Calvin's goals of providing a Christ-centered community environment that fosters safety and respect for all individuals, and works to comply with relevant state and federal laws that govern the use of technology. All wired connections in residence hall rooms and computer labs are located behind a content filter and a server firewall. Students have access to almost all information available and promote responsible use of these services.

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Filtering categories

Student Life also manages individual domains that may be blocked or allowed regardless of category.

Academic Fraud:
Sites that promote educational fraud, including but not limited to plagiarism and cheating.

Sites about illegal or recreational drug use.

Sites that promote intolerance based on gender, age, race, nationality, religion, sexual orientation or other group identities.

Sites that provide images or representations of nudity.

Anything relating to pornography, including mild depiction, soft pornography or hard-core pornography.

Sites providing proxy bypass information or services. Also, sites that allow the user to surf the net anonymously, including sites that allow the user to send anonymous emails.

Sites that provide information, images or implications of bondage, sadism, masochism, fetish, beating, body piercing or self-mutilation.

Sites that contain information on such subjects as mutilation, torture, horror, or the grotesque.

Examples of categories not filtered:
  • Blogs
  • Classifieds
  • Ecommerce
  • Educational institutions
  • Government
  • Health
  • News & media
  • Research & reference
  • Social networking
  • Sports

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Additional web filtering for personal computers

If you would like to use additional web filtering on your personal computer, CIT and Student Life recommend K9 Web Protection.

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