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Student Printing: PaperCut

You can send documents to a Calvin printer from your personal computer with PaperCut.

What kind of files can I print?

File formats allowed

What about web pages and other files?

Web pages and other files can be converted to PDF files (or copied onto another file, as in Word) before being sent to Web Print for printing. If you don't have a PDF file converter you can download the CutePDF Writer.

CutePDF Writer FAQs


Other Limitations

You are not able to choose specific pages to print in your document. If you would like to print only a few pages of a document, create a new document and copy and paste that information into it.

If you have installed CutePDF, you can highlight the part of the document you want to print and print it to the CutePDF printer and then print the PDF file.

You can also login to a Calvin lab computer to have full access to print settings and options.

How do I use WebPrint?

  1. After saving your file, go to
  2. Login to PaperCut using your Calvin username and passphrase. Click Log in.
    PaperCut Login
  3. A summary page appears. From the menu on the left select Web Print.
    PaperCut Summary
  4. From the window that opens select Submit Job. This lets you upload your print job.

    Web Print
  5. Choose a printer.

    Select printer
  6. Select the number of copies to print. Click on 3: Upload Document>>

  7. Use the Browse button to locate and select your file. Note the file formats that can be used for Web Print. Click on Upload & Complete >>

    Upload document
  8. Your document will be submitted to the print queue and a status page will show you when it is Finished: Queued for printing.
  9. Click on Submit a Job>> to submit another file for printing.