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Tips to reduce your printing

Reduce the number of pages you print.

From Microsoft Word or Power Point
  • Use the print preview function to avoid printing blank pages.
  • Resize the document, reduce the margins, change the font or reduce the font size to fit more information on a page.
  • Print only the pages needed by selecting the pages or setting the page range prior to printing.
  • Print multiple slides per page in Power Point.
    1. From the tool bar, select Print.
    2. In the Print dialogue box, select Handouts from the drop down menu.
    3. Select the number of slides you want per page. (By default they will be ordered horizontally on the page).
    4. Click OK.
From the Web
  • When printing from a Web site, check for a printer friendly version of the document.
  • Copy and paste Internet text into Microsoft Word, Notepad (Windows) or TextEdit (Mac) to eliminate unwanted banner ads, images or other items that add extra pages to a print job.
  • Print only selected portions of a Web page or document.
    1. Highlight the content you want to print.
    2. From the tool bar, select File > Print.
    3. In the Print dialogue box, toggle Selection.
    4. Click OK.

Reduce the number of times you print.

  • Edit your document digitally to avoid printing multiple drafts.
  • Use single-spacing when you print the working draft of an assignment or paper. Use double-spacing only for the final version, if required by your professor.
  • Use the spell checker and print preview functions included in most software programs and browsers before printing.
  • Click Print only once, and be patient even if it appears your document is not printing. To verify your print job is processing, click on the printer icon in the bottom right hand system tray.
  • Remember to completely shut down any lab computer you've logged into. If the computer is not properly shut down, you are still logged in on that computer. If another student prints from the computer, the pages will be deducted from your quota.

Reduce the number of items you print.

  • Read documents directly on the screen.
  • Avoid printing e-mail messages and Web pages.
  • E-mail files or URLs to yourself for later access.
  • Save documents to your Novell account, USB hard drive or other writable media.
  • Ask others to provide materials to you in electronic format (e.g. class notes, e-mail and other non-copyrighted material).
  • If given the choice by a professor, submit your assignments and papers electronically in Moodle.