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Student Printing 


uniFLOWPrint to uniFLOW and choose to get your print job from any uniFLOW printer on campus

Your print job remains in the uniFLOW queue for 24 hours
Go to to keep track of your Print Budget

Ways to Print

Print from Google Cloud Print
  1. Add uniFLOW to Google Cloud Print through your Calvin Google Apps account (you only have to do this once) at
  2. Go to
  3. Click PRINT
  4. Select Upload file to print
  5. Click Select a file from my computer (pdf files work best)
  6. Select the Calvin uniFLOW printer
  7. Click Print
Email attachment to
  1. Send an email with a printable attachment to using your Calvin email address. We recommend using .pdf files with this method for best results.

Getting your Print Job

From larger Multi-Funtion Printers
  1. At the uniFLOW printer, swipe your Calvin ID
  2. Select Secure Print Scan
  3. Select Print
  4. Select each print job to release or Select All
  5. Select Print+Delete or Print+Keep
    • Print+Delete prints then removes the document from your uniFLOW queue
    • Print+Keep prints then keeps the job in your queue
On smaller Laser Printers
  1. At the printer, swipe your Calvin ID
  2. Every print job in your uniFLOW queue will print at the printer