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Printing: CutePDF Writer

What is CutePDF?

The CutePDF Writer allows you to save a file or application window as a PDF file. This is especially helpful for saving and printing web pages as documents. CutePDF is a "printer" installed on your computer, however it is not a physical printer. Instead, CutePDF uses a printer driver in order to generate a PDF file from software other than Adobe Acrobat (the native software application for PDF files).

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How do I get CutePDF?

CutePDF is automatically installed on Calvin computers with Windows 7. It may also come installed on some personally owned Windows 7 computers. It is availble for free download at (download link).

To check if you have CutePDF Writer, go to Start > Devices and Printers. If it is already installed you will see CutePDF Writer listed under Printers and Faxes. If it is not already installed you can download it for free.

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How do I use CutePDF?

To use the CutePDF Writer for saving a PDF file, instead of going to File > Save As you need to go to File > Print. Note: Do not click the print button because this normally prints to your default printer and in most cases the CutePDF Writer is not set as the default printer. Use the File menu > Print so that you have the option to use the CutePDF Writer. In the application's print dialogue box, change the printer to the CutePDF Writer and click Print or OK. Once the printer driver has processed the document, a Save As prompt will come up. The Save As Type should say PDF. Now you can select the location where you want to save the PDF file and click Save.

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