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Absolute Manage: How Macs receive software updates

We maintain the security of your office computer by requiring/recommending software updates and patches to it. While some of these changes run without disrupting your work, others require installation and rebooting.

Absolute Manage is the program CIT uses to push software and software updates and patches to Calvin-owned Mac computers.

When CIT is pushing software or software updates and patches to you a window will open and you'll see a a list of the available packages. Anything with a check will be installed when you click OK.
New software is available

  1. To immediately install all packages, click OK. NOTE: Once you start an installation it cannot be paused and if a reboot is needed it will automatically happen once the installation is complete. If you are not prepared to allow the computer to reboot you should defer starting the installation until a later time.
  2. If you want to Defer a package, click on the Package and click on Defer Package. Deferring an installation allows you to select the date and time you want the package to install. Then click OK. NOTE: Most installations can be deferred for up to 14 days however we recommend you install as soon as possible.

    Defer Package