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Network & Wireless

Network & WirelessWired and Wireless network is available to all Calvin Faculty, Staff, and Students. All Calvin network users should be familiar with good security practices while using the Calvin network to access the Internet and other network resources, it is your responsibility to be familiay with the Calvin Information Technology Policies.
Wired Network
Wireless Network

Guest Access

Wired Network

Calvin Faculty and Staff should have wired network access available for us in their offices.

Students in Calvin's Residence Halls may connect their personal computer or Internet-enabled devices to the ResNet wired network using an Ethernet cable. Any game console, smart TV, or streaming device should be connected to ResNet and registered via the Internet-Ready Device Registration page.

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Wireless Network

There are two wireless networks at Calvin:

eduroam is a secure and encrypted wireless network available to active Calvin College students, faculty, and staff. A Calvin email address and passphrase is required to connect to eduroam. Your device must be capable of 802.11x enterprise authentication and wireless G or N connections in order to connect to eduroam.

Guest is an open public wireless network available to guests and visitors. The Guest network requires registration every 7 days. To connect to Guest wireless, select the network from the list of available wireless networks, open a web browser then fill out the form.

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Wireless Bleed

If you are near one of the available wireless locations, you may experience wireless bleed from a nearby access point. That means your wireless-ready device may see a wireless network, but the signal may not be strong enough to make a reliable connection. This may also happen in some classrooms.

Responsible Use of Technology

As with any technology on campus, you are expected to adhere to the Calvin Information Technology Policy on Responsible Use of Technology. In addition, please see Appendix A: Statement on Wireless Networking Devices.

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