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Core Services: Facilities with Technology

  • Academic Department Computer Classrooms
    Many academic departments have computer labs for students taking classes in their academic area. For more information, please contact the appropriate academic department.

  • Computer Classrooms
    Many computer classrooms may be reserved for for individual class sessions

  • ITComputer Lab
    The ITC Lab is the primary student computer lab with over 200 Mac and Windows computers.

  • Smart Spaces & Meeting rooms
    As they did in Smart Classrooms, Calvin is starting to equip some areas on campus with smart classroom technologies. These areas are called Smart Spaces. The Alumni Board Room is the first official Smart Space on campus, and can be reserved through Event Services. Many other meeting rooms are technology-ready and can be equipped when needed.

  • Residence Hall Computer Labs
    Each residence hall complex contains a computer lab with Windows computers and a laser printer.

  • Smart Classroom
    The Smart Classroom is the standard for classrooms with technology on Calvin's campus. Smart Classrooms include all the necessary equipment to connect to the Calvin network and the internet and to display presentation material on a permanent screen using a ceiling mounted projector.

  • Teaching & Learning Digital StudioDigital Studio
    The Teaching & Learning Digital Studio, located on the 1st floor of the Hekman Library, is equipped with digital cameras, digital video cameras, CD-ROM burners, scanners, DVD writers and players, high-end networked computers, and knowledgeable personnel.