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Student FAQ for Google Apps

In addition to Gmail, Calvin students have access to Google Apps, which include Google Docs and Google Drive cloud storage. Using your Google account, you can create and save documents, spreadsheets, and presentations, all stored in your Google Drive! Your Drive is located on Google's servers and accessible anywhere you have Internet.

Google Apps are accessible through StudentMail.

To learn how to use Google Apps, see the Google Apps Learning Center.

  1. Where do I go to get help using Gmail or Google Apps?
    Google provides support for Calvin students using Gmail and Google Apps. Please visit their Learning Center if you have any questions.
  2. When I graduate or if I decide not to come back to Calvin, will I still have access to my Google Drive and Documents?
    No. Once you graduate, you continue to have access to your Calvin accounts including Google until Oct. 1 following your graduation. If you decide not to come back to Calvin, your Calvin accounts including Google are terminated after the end of your last semester. In either case, you should move everything off your Calvin Google Drive to another storage location.
  3. CIT recommends using Google's archive service Takeout to download all the information from your Calvin Google account.
  4. If there are major changes to the applications offered by Google, how will I know?
    CIT uses Student News to announce any major changes to the applications offered by Google.
  5. Will faculty be using Gmail and Google apps?
    Calvin faculty and staff have access to Google Apps through their Calvin account, but do not use Gmail. Calvin's supported productivity suite is Microsoft Office, so most professors may expect documents turned in to be in a Microsoft Office format. Google Apps allows you to save your documents in Office format so that shouldn't be a problem. You should check with your professor if you have any questions.