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Google Apps FAQ for Faculty and Staff

In addition to Gmail, Calvin students also have access to Google Apps, which include Google Docs and Google Sites. Using their Google account, students can create and save word processing, spreadsheet, and presenation documents. They can even create their own website.

  1. Where do students go to get help using Gmail or Google Apps?
    Google provides support for students using Gmail and Google Apps through their Learning Center.
  2. How does this impact faculty and staff?
    Calvin is a Microsoft Office campus and CIT continues to support Microsoft Office products. Calvin also provides Google Apps to faculty and staff. However, support is provided by Google. Log in at using your Calvin username and passphrase. You should tell your students what file formats you will accept. NOTE: Students who use Google Apps can export documents to a Microsoft Office format.
  3. Will faculty and staff be moving to Gmail and Google Apps?
    No. CIT will continue to give faculty and staff GroupWise accounts for e-mail and provide Microsoft Office as their office productivity tool. Google Apps is provided for faculty and staff wanting to use it for class collaboration.
  4. May faculty request a Gmail account?
    CIT is only providing Gmail accounts to students. Faculty may get their own Gmail account at CIT continues to support GroupWise for faculty and staff e-mail accounts.