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E-mail: StudentMail - Powered by Google

Student MailStudentMail is the student e-mail package. Powered by Google, StudentMail has lots of storage space, great spam protection, mobile access, a calendar, and more.

Signing in to Your StudentMail Account

  • Open your Web browser and go to
  • Your StudentMail username is the username provided to you by Calvin, traditionally your initials and a number. Your passphrase is your Calvin account passphrase. 
  • You will need to activate your account before you can use it.


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Incorrect or Forgotten Passphrase

Your StudentMail passphrase is your Calvin account passphrase, which can be reset if you've forgotten it or if you wish to have a new one. If you are unable to reset it, please contact the HelpDesk.

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General Use & Configuration

You may configure a third party e-mail client to access your StudentMail account.

If you choose to forward your StudentMail to an outside account, StudentMail will not forward mail that it classifies as spam.

For other questions on configuring and using StudentMail, please refer to Google's Help pages.



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