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Faculty & Staff Email: Office 2011 setup

Configuring Outlook 2011 (Mac) to access your Calvin Office 365 account

  1. On the Add Accounts screen, choose Exchange Account (if this screen does not load the first time you open Outlook, you can find it under Outlook menu > Preferences > Personal Settings > click Accounts)
  2. Enter your full Calvin email address as the E-mail address
  3. The Method should be User Name and Password
  4. Enter your full Calvin email address in the User Name field
  5. Enter your Calvin passphrase in the Password field
  6. Check Configure automatically
  7. Add Account
  8. It will automatically detect and connect to the server
  9. If you get a message about redirecting to the server, check the Always use my response box and click Allow
  10. Once connected it will return to the Accounts window and show you the Calvin account.  You can change the name/description if you want.
  11. Close out of this box and you should see your mail start to download