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Office 365: Outlook Web App

Outlook Web App - OWA

Mobile Device Management in Outlook Web App

Q: Can I use a more basic interface for OWA (like the Basic interface GWise Webaccess had for cell phone use)?

  • You can load the light version of Outlook Web App by logging in and clicking on the Settings gear in the upper right corner and clicking display settings. You will see an option for Outlook Web App version - in there, you can check the box to use the light version of Outlook Web App, which will take effect next time you log in.

Q: Can I use my phone or tablet to access my Outlook Email?

  • There are a number of options to access your Office 365 email from your mobile device. You can simply open a web browser and go to or to access OWA, or you can set up Outlook on your mobile device's built-in Email application. We recommend setting up your mobile device using Exchange ActiveSync if available, which will sync mail, contacts, and calendar items.
  • For phone and tablet setup, please see Microsoft's help page for the most in-depth answers

Viewing connected mobile devices in OWA

  • Using OWA, you can view what mobile devices you've allowed access to your Outlook account. Devices that you connect to your account are displayed as connected devices within the Outlook Web App after you have created a connection to your mailbox.
  • To view the devices that you have connected to your account, in Outlook Web App, click Settings settings > options > phone > mobile devices.
  • If you connect to your mobile device using Exchange ActiveSync and lose your mobile device, you can remotely remove all of your mailbox data from it from within Outlook Web App. Be aware that you'll also lose any information on your device’s storage card. When you perform a remote device wipe from your mailbox, you can view a confirmation email as soon as the remote device wipe is complete. For instructions, see Delete all information from your lost phone or tablet.

Text Message Notifications

  • Using Outlook Web App you can set up text message notifications to be sent to your mobile device. When text messaging notifications are turned on, you can set up calendar notifications or email notifications using an Inbox rule. For example, you can receive a text notification every time your boss emails you or every time you receive a message with a pre-defined subject line

Use OWA as primary mail client for personal email

  • Outlook Web App makes it possible to use the online interface as your primary interface for all your email accounts.
  • To set up connected accounts, click Settings settings > options > account > connected accounts
  • Why would I want to do this?
    • If you have personal email with an outside organization such as Verizon, AT&T, or AOL and you don't enjoy having to open three or four different web pages or programs to check all your email, this will allow you to view and send mail from all your accounts in Outlook Web App