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Microsoft Office 365 & Outlook


Q: What is the “People” view?

  • This is where you can view and edit all your contacts and address books.
  • WIN: To go to People view, click on People at the bottom left corner of the Outlook window. To change the settings of this view, click on the three ellipses ... and select Navigation options.
  • MAC: In Outlook 2011, People is still called Contacts and is located in the bottom left corner
  • OWA: Click on People in the top right


Q: How do I get an address book to show up in my address book list?

  • WIN:
    1. Click on People (lower left corner; despite not showing up in the New Email message, the migrated address books do show up in People view)
    2. You should see your migrated address books on the left (you may need to expand My Contacts to see them).  Right click on the migrated address book in the left column and choose Properties
    3. Click the Outlook Address Book tab
    4. Check the box labeled Show this folder as an e-mail Address Book
  • OWA: Go to People and right-click the Address Book (which most likely shows under Other contacts) and choose move to “my contacts”


Q: How do I share an address book?

  • WIN: The easiest way to Share an Address Book is to click Share Contacts from the Share ribbon on the Home tab and enter all the people you wish to share the book with.
    1. Make sure you check the box that says Recipient can add, edit, and delete items in this contacts folder
    2. Clicking Send will give all the recipients read, write, and remove permissions to the address book
    3. To open the address book, the recipient will have to click the button to Open the address book in the email they receive
  • MAC: To share an Address Book, go to Contacts and select the address book
    1. Click Organize from the ribbon and click Permissions to open the folder permissions of the address book
    2. Click the Add User button to choose a person with which to share, then select what permissions you want them to have
  • OWA: You can not set up Address Book sharing in OWA