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GroupWise & Office 365: Side-by-side terminology

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Mail Outlook Web App (OWA) People Calendar Tasks

Vacation Rule
Resend Message
Email Delay Delivery
Saving Attachments
Sharing Mail Folder

OWA Light
Outlook Mobile
Text Notifications

Showing Address Book
Sharing Book

Edit Appointment
Busy Search

Create Task from Email

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GroupWise & Office 365: A side-by-side comparison of terminology

Words or phrases commonly used with former email system Novell GroupWise matched to the correct term or phrase used with Office 365.

  GroupWise Office 365
Giving someone else access Proxy Delegate / Share
An online/web client WebAccess OWA (Outlook Web App)
Checking others' free time Busy Search Scheduling Assistant
Calendar item just for you Posted Appointment Appointment
Calendar item with multiple people Appointment Meeting
Organize Contacts Address Book People
Buttons, menus, tabs at the top Toolbars Ribbon
Where deleted things go Trash Deleted Items
Where things still being composed get saved Works In Progress Drafts
Auto-cleanup/archive of messages Cleanup tab Assign Policy: Archive & Retention
Grouping by subject Discussion Thread Conversations
Sound, taskbar, or pop-up alerts for new mail GroupWise Notify Desktop Alert settings