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Return to Firewall Homepage Calvin's Spam Firewall: Manage Your Quarantine Settings

By default, the Quarantine is set to Yes and the Quarantine Score level is 10. If you have set your quarantine level to anything less than 10 you will, by default, receive an e-mail every day that there are items in the quarantine inbox.

  1. To turn off the Quarantine or to change the Notification Interval, you first must log in at Uuse your full e-mail address for your username.
  2. Select Preferences > Quarantine Settings.
    Quaranteen settings
  3. To Disable Quarantine, click on No, then Save Changes.
  4. If you have Quarantine Enabled with a score of less than 10, you can change your Notification Interval to Daily, Weekly or Never.
  5. By default, the e-mail address you used to log in to your Spam Firewall Settings will be used for quarantine notification. If you want this message to come to a different address, you can change it here.
  6. Remember to click on Save Changes.